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Checking In


Not much to mention at this time, I am still working on the game, but don’t have anything really to mention at this time. Mainly, I am working on various small security patches and other things I’ve noticed in the code. It’s mainly background issues and such, along with adding deck names, along with working on some background softcode to make management easier.

The shuttles work perfectly, as far as I can tell, and other than that, there really hasn’t been any changes that players will notice right now. Most of the changes in the past week were for my own ease of use in editing the code (along with making things slightly faster, and more secure, etc).



New Connect Screen

Well, I’ve edited the connect screen to include a couple things. One being ANSI color support, and the second being a new display picture on connect. I like the idea of the Federation Insignia appearing to better identify the kind of game that NewHopeMUSH is.


It is my opinion that this will make the game stand out better, along with providing a (hopefully) unique look toward the game. At least, that’s what I am hoping.

In other news, I have also tweaked the brig features around (and am still doing so) but, so far, I have added a fully featured security system, along with prisoner control features (preventing IC prisoners from leaving, etc). This will be fully customizable and controllable by all in-game IC security staff.

Obviously, IC prisoners will still be able to type +ooc and go OOC, but will be limited to single room access while IC.

Well that’s all for now,

Character Generator






So, I have finished the Character Generator. Players are able to select multiple items; including, what Quadrant they come from, race, age, sex, skills, hair color, hair style, eye color, and much more!

The entire process takes place inside twenty-or-so rooms, depending on your choices, and can take about 25-30 minutes, depending on the amount of time you put into your character. This process, I believe, will add to the immersion of the gaming experience.

Please, if you have time, check out the Character Generator.

In other news,

There are a few changes:

      * The +who command now shows IC/OOC status
      * The @org/@orgs commands show connected players, who are part of Organizations (Federation, The Klingon Empire, The Kazon Order, etc).
      * A @org/members that command shows all characters belonging to any orginizations.

Thank you,
Kimojuno. 😀

New Website

Welcome to NewHopeMUSH’s new website!

This website is a much cleaner design than the old one and, we hope, it is better looking and easier to get around. You can now create an account on the website (although, unfortunately, your website account is not connected to your game account.

We are, however, attempting to find someone who can help with site-game integration. If you are interested, please apply by contacting us.

In other news, the game is no longer in “Public Beta”. I have changed the status to “Public Alpha” to more accurately show the status of the game.

Please understand that the game is still in need of room descriptions. This is the major help that I need, while I am designing the overall game.

Thank you,
Jeffrey / Kimojuno. 🙂