New Connect Screen

Well, I’ve edited the connect screen to include a couple things. One being ANSI color support, and the second being a new display picture on connect. I like the idea of the Federation Insignia appearing to better identify the kind of game that NewHopeMUSH is.


It is my opinion that this will make the game stand out better, along with providing a (hopefully) unique look toward the game. At least, that’s what I am hoping.

In other news, I have also tweaked the brig features around (and am still doing so) but, so far, I have added a fully featured security system, along with prisoner control features (preventing IC prisoners from leaving, etc). This will be fully customizable and controllable by all in-game IC security staff.

Obviously, IC prisoners will still be able to type +ooc and go OOC, but will be limited to single room access while IC.

Well that’s all for now,

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  1. D. Logan says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now how to do color in a title screen. I know how to do it in help files and the like, but not the base text files. Can I ask how you did it?

    • Kimojuno Kimojuno says:

      Step 1)

      Read this:

      Once you make sure that the code listed there is in the notify.c file, continue to step 2.

      Step 2)

      Create a new object. Name it whatever.

      You then create a softcode version of your connect screen, as an attribute on that file, complete with ansi() tags.

      Step 3)

      Assuming your new object has a dbrief of #989 and your ansi connect screen has the attribute of lalaland, do the following:

      a) Open up mush.cnf
      b) Find connect_file
      c) Enter: connect_file #989/lalaland
      d) Place a # in front of connect_file txt/connect.txt

      @readcache in your game as a Wizard (You MAY need to @shutdown/reboot).

      Step 4)


      Step 5)



      There you go. 🙂

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