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NewHopeMUSH : Port 443

What does the Jelly Fish Nebula, Space, and NewHopeMUSH all have in common?

That’s right, the numbers 4, 4, and 3!

NewHopeMUSH can now be reached at port 443, along with still being reachable at port 9999, but for those of you who are blocked from accessing port 9999, you can now reach NewHopeMUSH at port 443!

Please note, however, that despite being the port that is most commonly attached to https:// websites, this website is still http:// and is not encrypted.

If this ever changes in the future, we may need to switch port 443 to another port. For now, though, enjoy the unblocked gaming access for NewHopeMUSH at port 443!

Thank you,
Jeffrey (Kimojuno).

Game Reboot

Hello all,

At 17:36 today, September 24th, 2014, I rebooted NewHopeMUSH for maintenance. Downtime was less then three minutes.

This maintenance was unscheduled, yes, but it was required for it to be done. Sadly, it cost the game an uptime of 301 days 18 hours and 55 minutes. 🙁

Kimojuno / Jeffrey.



The website now lists who is currently playing. As mentioned above, this listing is updated every five (5) minutes.

I have also added an Idle Checker to the IC grid.

From now on, all players who are IC will be moved to the OOC Zone, after sixty minutes of inactivity. I realize that we all have different typing speeds, and as such can adjust the time as required should people need it changed in the future.

Jeff. 🙂

The Maze

Hello all,

Just wanted everyone to know that I have added a maze into the game. You can get there by going to the Pylons (Upper or Lower) and then enter the Public Turbolift. You then choose to go to the Arboretum and, from there, enter the maze. Enjoy! (You’ll probably get lost…)

To those that complete it though, your name will be added here. Who can complete it first?