Monthly Archives: October 2014

Security Upgrades

This week was updates in order to patch some issues in the code that I noticed. As such, there isn’t much that can be visibly seen from the user’s standpoint. Nevertheless, the game is moving along and, I hope, should be at a place soon that users can say they can play (and use) the game without any issues.

Where have I been?

For those wondering, I am still alive I have just been busy with Midterms and one class that I had to take my final exam in, as such it has been rather busy and I have been unable to work on the game as much as I would like. With that said, I am still around and looking forward to getting back into working on the game.


In other news, I’ve added xch_command support. What this means is that players can now click on players, objects, exits, and look at/go in those directions.