Monthly Archives: January 2015

Server Reboot

Due to a reported security issue, I rebooted the server a few minutes ago. Everything is up and running now. Total downtime was about 5-7 minutes. Everything is up and running now.


Webserver Upgrades

I was in contact with the Bynars about upgrading the computer core, and they suggested switching from Apache to Nginx. So, yesterday morning I switched the NewHopeMUSH webserver to Nginx. So far, the website appears to be much faster and much better than before.

Furthermore, the NewHopeMUSH website now has a CDN (Content Distribution/Delivery Network). This is to increase the page responses from the server to your computer. This makes the website much faster, and provide the results to you much faster.

Finally, NewHopeMUSH now has a Twitter account, @NewHopeMUSH. I also added the Game Maps under the Game tab in the above links.

Thank you,


The server has just been upgraded.

Total amount of downtime: <20 minutes. Total amount of manual restart: <20 minutes. Total amount of time: <40 minutes. The server should now be running faster. If you do encounter any issues though, please alert us and let us know. Happy MUSH'ing, Jeffrey. 🙂

Scheduled Reboot

Hey all,

There will be a scheduled server upgrade on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015. The downtime will be anywhere from one hour to two hours. Hopefully it will be a little less than two hours, but two hours should be the maximum amount of time. This downtime is required in order to make upgrades to the server that NewHopeMUSH is ran on. During this downtime, all access to the webserver, the game itself, and everything in between will be denied and everything will be inaccessible.

Once the the automated upgrade is complete, I will then have to restart all the services (webserver, the game, the webclients, etc) and that will take about 5-10 minutes depending on any issues. If all goes well, as I said before, the process will take around 1-2 hours. Should you need to contact me, during the process, you will find me on the IRC server: 6667

Thank you,

Happy New Years!

Hello all,

I wanted to wish everyone a brilliant start to your new year, and a wonderful continuation of your celebrations. May you continue to gain all you need, want for nothing, and gain all that will make you successful and bright in these coming times.

May you always be successful, and gain what is needed most in your life,