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Week of 2-26-15

Howdy all,

This week, I have been working on finishing out the +map on the decks, and have completely added the descriptions to the empty decks on the +map command. I have also added new commands to the commands list on the IC Grid, along with some various bug fixes that I found revolving around that command (e.g., only styles that needed to be corrected/updated).

Furthermore, I did some more work on the Crew Quarters. I also updated and changed some more of the background commands and structures to bring them more in-line to what I want for the future. Furthermore, I am also working on some changes that will, hopefully, make everything much better in the future.

Finally, I also worked on the replicators and believe that they are almost ready. Just a few more changes and those should be ready by next week, barring any issues, but they should be ready soon.

I would request that people test out the Character Generator though, as I just want to make sure there aren’t any bugs with that. I have tested it myself numerous times, and believe it is fine, but just in case I would like some more eyes going over it. If you have already completed it, I can reset your character so that you can go through it again.

Well, that’s it,

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Hey all,

I wanted to send out a message to everyone and announce that NewHopeMUSH now has a Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy.

These two documents will, we believe, help NewHopeMUSH in the future. We encourage everyone to read both documents, and should you have an issue with either one, please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions.

I cannot guarantee that either document will be changed, but I can guarantee that your questions will be heard and will be addressed as best as possible. I also want to thank everyone for the help with the game, and the website, thus far.


Working Makes Me Sleepy

So, howdy all,

I have been working on the game overnight and am getting closer to being done on the projects I have set for myself. That is, other than the previous Security Changes and the New Link Structure on the website.

Other than that, I worked a little on the Crew Quarters, but am still working on it some more. It will probably head into next week, as the security changes took priority on my release schedule. Of course, I also worked on some more of the +map command as per usual.

Furthermore, I have checked out the shuttles and ships some more, and am still working on trying to get the ships to respond and allow for merchants to have their own ships and ‘rent’ them out, so to speak, so that the characters can make money in-game.

Finally, the food and drink replicators themselves are taking shape, and should be ready soon enough. Still though, I am quite tired and should be getting to bed. I just wanted to mention all of this, and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest changes.

The sleepy,

New Link Structure

The permalink structure for NewHopeMUSH has been changed. It is now /year/month/post-name/ instead of just /post-name/ as I believe this is a better structure, considering how often the post links have been similar recently, and how similar they will probably be in the future.

In any case, the old links will redirect to the new links, as testing has proven thus far. If, for some reason, you do find a broken link then free free to contact us about it.

Jeffrey. 🙂

Security Changes

Over the past few days, I have made some security changes revolving around the site, and the ways security is handled in general. This process is to make the site more secure and more able to handle things in the long run. Furthermore, the website is now cached using a much more streamlined option, resulting in a faster website display for the users.

There were also some changes in how the website, server, and database rotate changes and backups. This process is now more robust and handled more fluidly, with multiple options when both the website and the game is backed up.

Thank you,

Background Changes

Howdy again,

I just made some on-the-fly security upgrades that I’ve been planning to add to the game for the last couple of weeks, but needed to hold off on, due to certain constrictions, but anyway the game is 100% operational and working fine.

The security upgrades were all background changes and should not affect the overall experience you have in-game, as such you should not notice any changes; however, should you notice any issues, please drop me a @mail in-game, comment on the website, or send me an email.

Thank you,

Apartments, Jefferies Tubes, and Maps; oh my!

Hello all,

This week brings more updates and changes. I have finished work on the public quarters (all decks). I am still working on the Crew Quarters, but that should be done either this week or sometime next week.

Furthermore, I have finished adding the Starbase 900 jefferies tubes, which are only accessible to Crew Members. This is an impressive project, spanning all one hundred (100!) decks.

And finally, I have continued working on adding the +map command to each deck. Still more to do, of course, but one step closer to completion.

Thank you all,

What’s new this week?


Hello all,

So far, this week, I have added the +map for deck 2 and worked on deck 1, along with various descriptions throughout the game. Speaking of decks, you can see a complete list of decks here.

Furthermore, there is now a FAQ page listed here, along with a complete listing of NewHopeMUSH players here.

As normal, I am requesting help with testing the Character Generator in-game, along with help describing the various rooms.

Thanks as always,
Jeffrey. 🙂