Working Makes Me Sleepy

So, howdy all,

I have been working on the game overnight and am getting closer to being done on the projects I have set for myself. That is, other than the previous Security Changes and the New Link Structure on the website.

Other than that, I worked a little on the Crew Quarters, but am still working on it some more. It will probably head into next week, as the security changes took priority on my release schedule. Of course, I also worked on some more of the +map command as per usual.

Furthermore, I have checked out the shuttles and ships some more, and am still working on trying to get the ships to respond and allow for merchants to have their own ships and ‘rent’ them out, so to speak, so that the characters can make money in-game.

Finally, the food and drink replicators themselves are taking shape, and should be ready soon enough. Still though, I am quite tired and should be getting to bed. I just wanted to mention all of this, and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest changes.

The sleepy,

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