The Black Market

Greetings and salutations fellow lawbreakers,

Today is a glorious day! We have stolen into the night and found places unseen, unknown, and better yet: Uncared for!

We have found ways that not even security can know, or even care to traverse, for we have been victorious! Join us in our fight for freedom from the vicinity of the idiotic elite! Join us my brothers and sisters, for tonight we buy and we sell, and we drink and we steal, and we thieve, burgulize, and whatever else we shall find to do! The Black Market has arrived on Starbase 900, and our names shall go down in history! Are you with us!?! You best better be.

– Signed,
The Blackmarketer.

(OOC: This post is just a setup for the IC plot that will come when roleplaying opens).

(those interested in joining the Black Market should @mail +market).

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