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Hello all,

I was talking with Bandus, who suggested to me that, since not every Federation member was in Starfleet, it would be wise to have merchants within the Federation, instead of having to pick between the two.

Therefore, after going back over the Chargen (and finding/fixing some small bugs that bothered me when discovering), I have now made the suggested change.

As such:

* Players can now choose between non-aligned merchants and Federation merchants.
* Players can also choose between civilians and Federation citizens.
* Players can still choose to enter their characters into Starfleet.
* This only effects Alpha Quadrant races, not Delta Quadrant Races.
* Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire unaffected.

For a complete list of organizations and their members type in-game:

@org/list (for complete list)
@org/members (for short codes)

Due to this change, and for the purposes of the organization code only, the Federation and Starfleet are considered separate entities. Starfleet, for the organization code, is considered a subgroup of the Federation.

Furthermore, anyone wishing to redo their character’s organization, can do so by starting over the chargen process. You will not have to change anything of your basic stats (race, height, etc) just re-pick your factions options.

Finally, if you run into any bugs or problems, please let me know immediately by either @mail or page in-game, or through the contact form on the website.

Thank you,

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