New Chargen Options

Hey all,

This is to let everyone know that there are now new options in the Character Generation process. I have added three new schools to the academy: Command School, Medical Academy, and Tactical Training. This are completely optional, as there is also a ‘no specialization’ path as well, which is the way the previous path was (simply waking up on the introship) and moving on like normal.

However, please note, that choosing a special path has benefits: Your character becomes Lieutenant Junior-Grade immediately, instead of an ensign, along with a chance to MASTER certain skills. As with all things, however, there are a few negative drawbacks to choose to continue on to higher education.

STRESS has been known to cause people to forget things they already knew so, with this in mind, can you put at risk your skills? You could become a MASTER in one, but you might suffer from STRESS as well. It is up to -you-, dear player, to choose your character’s path.

To access the chargen – Type ‘+tr’ then ‘sr’ and finally ‘c’. The chargen is currently unlocked to all players, due to testing, but you cannot reroll your current skills (except within one of the special schools).

Have fun,

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