Positions and Chargen Skills

Hey all,

Figured I’d make an announcement about the open senior positions within Starbase 900.

The senior positions are:

Flag Officer-in-Command — Admiral Neil Clayton
Commanding Officer — Captain Shiverclawe
Executive Officer — Commander Bastien Locke
Second Officer — Free
Third Officer — Free
Chief Engineer — Free
Chief Medical Officer — Free
Chief Counselor — Free
Chief Security / Tactical Officer — Free
Chief Operations Officer — Free
Chief Intelligence Officer — Free
Chief Morale Officer — Free
Chief Science Officer — Free
Chief Diplomatic Officer — Free
Chief Helm Officer — Free

Any not chosen when NewHopeMUSH opens for roleplay will be considered manned by NPCs.

If you are interested in fulfilling a role, please send your request via @mail to +staff in-game (@mail +staff=Subject/Message).

On the topic of Chargen skills, I’ve had a few people bring up about how they set to make a character know one skill well (eg: Engineering) and come out of the Chargen with the character knowing another skill better (eg: Medical), and how this doesn’t help with the way they envisioned their character. The Chargen is setup to give a somewhat-random skillset upon character creation. With this in mind though, I am going to ask a question that I would like some answers to (either comment on this post on the website, or +bbpost in the suggestions board in-game).

While keeping the fact that the Chargen is somewhat random (in that your set skill_field (eg: Engineering) will only appear as Advanced or Experienced), would you like a different way for the Chargen to pick skills? Currently, it is using the randword() command to do so. Is this something that you feel could be improved? If so, how?

It should also be stated that the skills listed on the +info are for, mainly, roleplay references — and may not help in future code — although they do help in the Federation schools (eg: Starfleet Command School, Starfleet Medical Academy, and Advanced Tactical Training).

So, the questions I am posing are: Should the Chargen skill selection be changed? If so, how? Should it remain the same? If so, why? What exactly do you hope from the Chargen skill selection? Please be as specific as possible.

Thank you for all your help,

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