Monthly Archives: April 2017

Server Rebooted

Well then,

I had to restart the server today (due to issues not involving the planned upgrade). The upgrade itself was to take place later this week, on Wednesday, but since I had to restart the server anyway I took care of those upgrades at the same time. My apologizes for the unplanned downtime. Nothing should be affected and everything should be in perfect operation. Again, my apologies. The website, game, the bot, and the webclient are once again running.

Total downtime: 17 minutes.


Server Updates – Next Week

Hey all,

Next week the server will be rebooted for maintenance. I am planning this for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. The downtime should be around 30 minutes through one hour, but may last a little longer. This will include the NewHopeMUSH game, bot, and website.

On another note, the game and website was also updated yesterday. No downtime was required for that.

Thank you,