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Net Neutality

Net neutrality is important because it stops big businesses from limiting what people can see.

Other ways:

You can also:

Text resist to 50409

Poll Results

Hello all,

The poll resulted in the players leaning to allowing sexual roleplay in private areas. As such, the MUSH rules have been adjusted to allow such.

NewHopeMUSH is a game for anyone over the age of eighteen (18) years of age. If it is discovered that a player is not over the agre of eighteen (18), that player will be banned immediately. The reason for this is that sexual roleplay is allowed in private areas of the MUSH. Sexual roleplay can only occur in private settings and nowhere in public areas. Should sexual roleplay be engaged in public areas, appropriate steps will be taken. This could range from IC issues, for example a character being written up, demoted, etc, to OOC sanctions should it be determined as needed. Please note, however, that when we say ‘sexual’ we don’t mean kissing or other such Public Displays of Affection. We are talking about engaging in sexual acts.

It should also be noted that, although we now have a place to post logs (the wiki), this will only be logs that were recorded in public areas (e.g. non-sexual logs). This is two-fold: Logging a private roleplay without permission isn’t proper and, further, sexual roleplay is only allowed in private areas.

Moving on, I have also spoken with players on Discord and we have come with the following Starfleet regulations;

0) Before initiating in an intimate relationship with a member of unknown or non-federation alien species or its allies, a crewmember must get clearance from both their CO and the CMO.

1) Although any member of Starfleet may date one another, any and all interactions must remain professional while on duty.

2) No personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, may interfere or affect decisions made involving their position and/or duties (e.g. affecting or changing the duty roster, rotation, or otherwise interfering with the day-to-day operations of their post).

Thank you,