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The Final Goodbye

Hey all,

The staff and I have talked about this and have decided that it’s time to end NewHopeMUSH.

The reason for this is both complicated and simple. Let’s focus on the truth. The truth of the matter is that people have lost interest in both running and playing this game.

When I lost interest, I took a step back and let Alias run it. He tried his best and found multiple people to help. In turn, they too lost interest. In the end, there is only one active staff member, besides Alias and myself, and that is Leia.

The truth of the matter is that it takes a team to get a product off the ground. We lacked the help to do that. In this way, the project failed to move forward.

I, personally, have learned from this. I believe the others have as well. As such, I don’t count this as a failure but, rather, a success. Learning something helps us grow.

If nothing else can be said for this adventure, let it be said we learned and grew from it.

I want to thank each and every person, staff or player, who has contributed to NewHopeMUSH over the years. Thank you for your time and your support.

Jeffrey (Kimojuno).

Server Downtime

Hello all,

There was approximately seven hours of downtime today. This was due to an issue affecting the physical host that NewHopeMUSH resides on. Due to this, our provider had to take the server offline while they resolved the issues. This was beyond the scope of our ability to control and, unfortunately, due to security concerns, no prior warning was issued.

We understand that it is helpful to know when these things will occur but, unfortunately, we were unable to provide any notice due to the emergency maintenance.

As such, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to join us on our Discord at

Kimojuno (Jeff).

Upcoming Server Upgrades

Hey all,

Our host server is upgrading the server due to discovered security issues possibly affecting the host machine. The server will be taken offline at 7:00AM UTC on January 19th, 2018. The downtime is expected to last no more then two hours. If we are needed for any reason, you can find us on Discord. The link for the Discord is

I apologize for the short notice but these security concerns make it important for our host server to take these steps to ensure the security of our individual server and the data it holds. As always, I thank you for your patience and understanding.


New Staff & Staff Changes


There are a few staff changes to announce. Firstly, I am stepping back from my duties as Head Wizard. I have come to fully realize, and must admit, that I have not fully done everything I could to help this game. In truth, I wanted this game to be the best it could be, and I have come to realize I have not done right by this goal. As such, I am stepping back from the Head Wizard position and fully moving into the role of Head Builder & Coder.

From this moment on, Alias will be taking over the role of Head Wizard. It is my hope that with him taking the reigns that we can all come to experience what we all want from this game: Roleplay and Fun. I hope that we can all move forward and grow the game into what not only it can be but what it should be. Working together, I hope that we can all experience these things and that we can truly have fun. In truth, and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way, the game hasn’t been fun for a long time now. Let’s work together to change that.

Finally, I would like to welcome a new staff member: Leia. Leia will be working with both staff and players to design and play out new tinyplots. As such, she will quickly become one of our most seen staff members, as she works to help players have fun and roleplay more and more. Please join me in welcoming her to the team and helping her work together with all of us.

Thank you all,

New Poll

I have had players request that we allow adult (i.e. sexual) roleplay in private rooms and settings. Obviously, if we allow this, all players will need to be 18+. All current players would need to agree to the new terms and would need to state their age in order to continue playing.

Due to this suggestion, I have created a poll. Please use the page at

Thank you,

RP is Open

Hey all,

Thank you all for the fantastic response in joining the game and wanting to roleplay! The game is now open for roleplaying and anyone can start a session. Feel free to go +IC and start roleplaying as your character!


Alias is driven!

So after lots of lost interest, and after several long not wanting to work on this project periods. we’re back at it. And I (Alias, the other admin) have a fire under my butt to get this going! We could use helpers in testing stuff out, and general public satisfaction evaluations.

Why don’t we get something going together, we have a discord if you’re into it. We’ll be hanging out, talking about what needs this, and what needs that. 

NHM Discord

Discord – NewHopeMUSH


A bit of a reminder…

Hey all,

Just wanted to remind everyone about the command +viewprojects in-game as it shows the various projects that people can help out with around the game. If you want to assist in the development of the game, this is the best way to find out what needs work done.

In other news, I added a whole list of commodities, thanks to the previously-mentioned suggestions by Bandus. You can see a list by typing +commodities in-game.

Thank you,

Chargen – Biography Required

Hey everyone,

I wanted to announce there were some more changes to the Chargen, specifically in the setting of biographies. Your character’s biography is now required, instead of being optional, as this will help in displaying the personnel record of people coming from the Alpha Quadrant. Once the command is implemented, all command personnel and medical personnel can see it too. I am unsure, at this point, if I should make it so during the character generator you’re asked about different medical issues, etc, your character may have but, at this point, that seems unneeded. I would appreciate any thoughts people may have.

As far as characters from the Delta Quadrant, their biography will not be viewable by anyone, unless they later join the Federation, or take a position at Starbase 900 — then they would have to ‘submit’ a IC record, which would just be their biography that the player already made.

This decision, to me, seems logical because The Federation would have records of everyone (even non-Starfleet personnel/civilians) who came from the Alpha Quadrant. Obviously, they would require records from both the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire, as well, on their personnel and any civilians that would come along.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me with them either on the website or in-game.

Thank you,

Rundown of Work

Hey all,

I decided to post a basic rundown of what I have done this week.

  • Worked on some room descriptions.
  • Back-end work on the server and game.
  • Re-added website to various search engines.
  • Finished the EMH.
  • Created and finished the EMoH (Emergency Mobile Hologram)
  • Created and finished the ESH (Emergency Surgical Hologram)
  • Added the medical flag for current/future game uses.
  • Added an in-game medical log allowing entries by different medical personnel.
  • Fixed various locked exits, allowing for appropriate global IC access.
  • Updated our TMC page.
  • Added the Timeline page.
  • Added the Specifications
  • Added an auto-updating list of Turbolifts to the website.
  • Updated the Starfleet Directives page.
  • Updated the Terms of Service
  • Added a complete listing of positions on Starbase 900.
  • Added various bboards to the game, for more variety in the future.
  • Reorganized the link menu on the website.
  • Various typo fixes.
  • Opened up Guest accounts, so that people can try the game and check out the tutorial.

Well, that’s a basic rundown of what I have been up with NewHopeMUSH. I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing a summarized list or not, as trying to keep track of everything can be difficult, especially when talking about minor bug fixes, but hopefully this interests people as well. 🙂