Game Rules

  • 1.Game Rules
    NewHopeMUSH is a game designed to be family-friendly and appropriate for all ages, as such there will be no inappropriate roleplaying within the MUSH. What this means is that there will be no adult roleplay whatsoever, and anyone caught doing so will be sanctioned and, if they continue, will be removed from the game. These rules can be changed at any time, without any prior warning.
  • Roleplaying

    NewHopeMUSH is a Roleplaying-enforced MUSH.

    What this means is that, while IC (In-Character), all players are expected
    to roleplay with other players. Idling while IC is not allowed and anyone
    idling for more than one hour, in the IC Grid, will be set OOC and moved to
    the OOC Zone.

    Furthermore, NewHopeMUSH is not a player killing MUSH, and player killing is
    restricted to tiny-plots only. Even so, any deaths of characters during TP's
    will be agreed upon before hand and between a staff member and the player(s)

  • Alternate Characters (Alts)

    All players are allowed to have up to four (4) characters, with no more than three alternate characters and one main character. The only exceptions would be if another character is authorized by a staff member.

    All alternate characters must be listed in each account's +alt information. It should be mentioned that all players, including non-staff members, can see your registered alts.

    You must register your characters with the +alts command, in game.

  • Featured Characters

    Featured characters are not allowed to be used on NewHopeMUSH. This includes naming your character with the same surname as a featured character (E.G. Janeway) or naming your character after a featured character (E.G. Spock), without prior approval from a staff member.

    If you believe you have valid reason to do so, please @mail +staff in-game for permission.

  • Sanctions

    The sanction system works as follows:

    1) Three (3) warnings are giving.
    2) After the three (3) warnings, a temporary site lock of one (1) week.
    3) If the behavior continues, the player will be warned twice (2) more.
    4) After these two warnings, the player will be banned for two more weeks.
    5) If the behavior continues, the player will receive one (1) more warning.
    6) After this last warning, should the player continue, the player will be permanently banned.

    The above list of sanctions is a guideline, and can be ignored under certain circumstances that may call for a complete and immediate ban, such as attempts to destroy or otherwise hurt the game itself.

    Please also note, that all decisions can be reversed, or bypassed, by both Kimojuno and Alias. Kimojuno is the ultimate authority as per the rules, with Alias being his second-in-commmand.

    All punishments will include all characters that the player uses.

  • Respect

    Although NewHopeMUSH allows people of all ages to play, we expect people to treat others with respect and to get along as best as possible.

    With that said, we understand that some players may get on the nerves of others. Should this occur, each player is expected to handle this in a respectful and adult manner; however, should it become a point of harassment, the staff is always available via @mail or page and can assist players as needed.

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