Starfleet Ranks & Roles

In Starfleet, an enlisted crewperson was one who had not completed the four-year Starfleet Academy course. Enlisted crewmen receive basic training, along with any specific courses required for their position at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars, before being posted.

Naval ranks

* Master chief petty officer
* Senior chief petty officer
* Chief petty officer
* Petty officer
* first class
* second class
* third class
* Crewman
* first class
* second class
* third class

Groundside ranks

* Master sergeant
* First sergeant
* Staff sergeant
* Sergeant
* Corporal
* Private

An officer is a member of a group typically in the areas of the military, police, or some other form of authority. In a military service, an officer’s typical role is to command and direct, maintain discipline, and make plans and provisions for operation. Certain organizations have special criteria in order for one to achieve the status of officer.

In a military service, a commission is an order from the service’s supreme authority, such as its commander-in-chief, authorizing an individual to legally hold a military rank, with all the privileges and responsibilities of said rank. A commission usually appoints an individual to hold an officer’s rank. In the Federation Starfleet, an officer or commissioned officer is an individual who has attended and graduated from the four-year cadet program of Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet commissioned ranks from lowest to highest:

* Ensign
* Lieutenant junior grade
* Lieutenant
* Lieutenant commander
* Commander
* Captain
* Fleet Captain
* Commodore (aka rear admiral lower half)
* Rear admiral (aka rear admiral upper half)
* Vice admiral
* Admiral
* Fleet admiral

Certain officer positions can be filled by non-commissioned officers and civilians if the need arises.

By rank:

* Field officer
* Flag officer
* Ranking officer
* Provisional officer
* Non-commissioned officer

By title:
* Senior officer (see also: senior staff)
* First officer
* Second officer
* Third officer

By command structure:

* Commanding officer
* Executive officer
* Duty officer

By department:

* Helm officer
* Navigator
* Operations officer
* Engineer
* Tactical officer
* Security officer
* Weapons officer
* Armory officer
* Intelligence officer
* Communications officer
* Medical officer
* Science officer
* Counselor
* Mess officer

By function:

* Bridge officer
* Records officer
* Morale officer
* Liaison officer
* Convoy liaison officer
* Fleet liaison officer
* Strategic operations officer
* Archaeology and anthropology officer
* Personnel officer
* Police officer

A staff officer is any member of a group of officers, enlisted and civilian personnel on a starship, starbase, or planetary base, who are responsible for the administrative, operational and logistical support. Collectively, they are known as the senior staff.

The following positions could be considered as senior staff positions:

* Commanding officer
* Executive officer
* Second officer
* Third officer
* Chief communications officer
* Chief science officer
* Chief medical officer
* Chief helmsman
* Chief navigator
* Flight controller
* Chief engineer
* Head counselor
* Chief tactical officer
* Security chief
* Chief operations officer
* Strategic operations officer
* Intelligence officer
* Chief of operations
* Head stellar cartographer