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Website Issues

Hey all,

There were some issues with the webserver today. I believe I tracked down the cause and have solved it, but should it happen again, please let me know. In any case, should anyone have any issues, please email me about it or contact me on the game via page or @mail in-game.


Webserver Upgrades

I was in contact with the Bynars about upgrading the computer core, and they suggested switching from Apache to Nginx. So, yesterday morning I switched the NewHopeMUSH webserver to Nginx. So far, the website appears to be much faster and much better than before.

Furthermore, the NewHopeMUSH website now has a CDN (Content Distribution/Delivery Network). This is to increase the page responses from the server to your computer. This makes the website much faster, and provide the results to you much faster.

Finally, NewHopeMUSH now has a Twitter account, @NewHopeMUSH. I also added the Game Maps under the Game tab in the above links.

Thank you,