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Server Rebooted

Well then,

I had to restart the server today (due to issues not involving the planned upgrade). The upgrade itself was to take place later this week, on Wednesday, but since I had to restart the server anyway I took care of those upgrades at the same time. My apologizes for the unplanned downtime. Nothing should be affected and everything should be in perfect operation. Again, my apologies. The website, game, the bot, and the webclient are once again running.

Total downtime: 17 minutes.


Server Updates – Next Week

Hey all,

Next week the server will be rebooted for maintenance. I am planning this for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. The downtime should be around 30 minutes through one hour, but may last a little longer. This will include the NewHopeMUSH game, bot, and website.

On another note, the game and website was also updated yesterday. No downtime was required for that.

Thank you,

Server Reboot

Hello all,

A few minutes ago, there was a hardware fault affecting the physical hardware that NewHopeMUSH’s server is hosted on. This issue was with the physical hardware beyond the scope of our control, and had nothing to do with NewHopeMUSH itself — it did, however, cause the server to shutdown and for us to lose our uptime on both the website and the game. 🙁

I have restarted all services (the website, game, the bot, and the webclient) and, at this time, there should be no further issues. There should be no loss of data but, if anyone notices anything, please alert me as soon as possible (emailing through the ‘contact us’ option on the website is the fastest way to get a response).

Thank you,

MUSH Updated

Hey all,

This is a notification that I applied some updates earlier today on the MUSH. Everything should be working fine, and no issues should be present, but if you do find something, please @mail +staff immediately.

Kimojuno. 🙂

Positions and Chargen Skills

Hey all,

Figured I’d make an announcement about the open senior positions within Starbase 900.

The senior positions are:

Flag Officer-in-Command — Admiral Neil Clayton
Commanding Officer — Captain Shiverclawe
Executive Officer — Commander Bastien Locke
Second Officer — Free
Third Officer — Free
Chief Engineer — Free
Chief Medical Officer — Free
Chief Counselor — Free
Chief Security / Tactical Officer — Free
Chief Operations Officer — Free
Chief Intelligence Officer — Free
Chief Morale Officer — Free
Chief Science Officer — Free
Chief Diplomatic Officer — Free
Chief Helm Officer — Free

Any not chosen when NewHopeMUSH opens for roleplay will be considered manned by NPCs.

If you are interested in fulfilling a role, please send your request via @mail to +staff in-game (@mail +staff=Subject/Message).

On the topic of Chargen skills, I’ve had a few people bring up about how they set to make a character know one skill well (eg: Engineering) and come out of the Chargen with the character knowing another skill better (eg: Medical), and how this doesn’t help with the way they envisioned their character. The Chargen is setup to give a somewhat-random skillset upon character creation. With this in mind though, I am going to ask a question that I would like some answers to (either comment on this post on the website, or +bbpost in the suggestions board in-game).

While keeping the fact that the Chargen is somewhat random (in that your set skill_field (eg: Engineering) will only appear as Advanced or Experienced), would you like a different way for the Chargen to pick skills? Currently, it is using the randword() command to do so. Is this something that you feel could be improved? If so, how?

It should also be stated that the skills listed on the +info are for, mainly, roleplay references — and may not help in future code — although they do help in the Federation schools (eg: Starfleet Command School, Starfleet Medical Academy, and Advanced Tactical Training).

So, the questions I am posing are: Should the Chargen skill selection be changed? If so, how? Should it remain the same? If so, why? What exactly do you hope from the Chargen skill selection? Please be as specific as possible.

Thank you for all your help,

A bit of a reminder…

Hey all,

Just wanted to remind everyone about the command +viewprojects in-game as it shows the various projects that people can help out with around the game. If you want to assist in the development of the game, this is the best way to find out what needs work done.

In other news, I added a whole list of commodities, thanks to the previously-mentioned suggestions by Bandus. You can see a list by typing +commodities in-game.

Thank you,

Chargen – Merchanting

Hello all,

I was talking with Bandus, who suggested to me that, since not every Federation member was in Starfleet, it would be wise to have merchants within the Federation, instead of having to pick between the two.

Therefore, after going back over the Chargen (and finding/fixing some small bugs that bothered me when discovering), I have now made the suggested change.

As such:

* Players can now choose between non-aligned merchants and Federation merchants.
* Players can also choose between civilians and Federation citizens.
* Players can still choose to enter their characters into Starfleet.
* This only effects Alpha Quadrant races, not Delta Quadrant Races.
* Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire unaffected.

For a complete list of organizations and their members type in-game:

@org/list (for complete list)
@org/members (for short codes)

Due to this change, and for the purposes of the organization code only, the Federation and Starfleet are considered separate entities. Starfleet, for the organization code, is considered a subgroup of the Federation.

Furthermore, anyone wishing to redo their character’s organization, can do so by starting over the chargen process. You will not have to change anything of your basic stats (race, height, etc) just re-pick your factions options.

Finally, if you run into any bugs or problems, please let me know immediately by either @mail or page in-game, or through the contact form on the website.

Thank you,

Federation Records

Hello all,

I have just added commands to check/add to someone’s Federation record.

Type +record/help to see what commands your character has records to.


New Chargen Options

Hey all,

This is to let everyone know that there are now new options in the Character Generation process. I have added three new schools to the academy: Command School, Medical Academy, and Tactical Training. This are completely optional, as there is also a ‘no specialization’ path as well, which is the way the previous path was (simply waking up on the introship) and moving on like normal.

However, please note, that choosing a special path has benefits: Your character becomes Lieutenant Junior-Grade immediately, instead of an ensign, along with a chance to MASTER certain skills. As with all things, however, there are a few negative drawbacks to choose to continue on to higher education.

STRESS has been known to cause people to forget things they already knew so, with this in mind, can you put at risk your skills? You could become a MASTER in one, but you might suffer from STRESS as well. It is up to -you-, dear player, to choose your character’s path.

To access the chargen – Type ‘+tr’ then ‘sr’ and finally ‘c’. The chargen is currently unlocked to all players, due to testing, but you cannot reroll your current skills (except within one of the special schools).

Have fun,

Rundown of Work

Hey all,

I decided to post a basic rundown of what I have done this week.

  • Worked on some room descriptions.
  • Back-end work on the server and game.
  • Re-added website to various search engines.
  • Finished the EMH.
  • Created and finished the EMoH (Emergency Mobile Hologram)
  • Created and finished the ESH (Emergency Surgical Hologram)
  • Added the medical flag for current/future game uses.
  • Added an in-game medical log allowing entries by different medical personnel.
  • Fixed various locked exits, allowing for appropriate global IC access.
  • Updated our TMC page.
  • Added the Timeline page.
  • Added the Specifications
  • Added an auto-updating list of Turbolifts to the website.
  • Updated the Starfleet Directives page.
  • Updated the Terms of Service
  • Added a complete listing of positions on Starbase 900.
  • Added various bboards to the game, for more variety in the future.
  • Reorganized the link menu on the website.
  • Various typo fixes.
  • Opened up Guest accounts, so that people can try the game and check out the tutorial.

Well, that’s a basic rundown of what I have been up with NewHopeMUSH. I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing a summarized list or not, as trying to keep track of everything can be difficult, especially when talking about minor bug fixes, but hopefully this interests people as well. 🙂