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Server Maintenance Completed

Hey all,

The scheduled maintenance from our host server is completed. This maintenance was required due to security concerns. As of 5:00AM Eastern Time, the server, game, and clients were back online. Everything should be up and running. If there are any issues, please let myself or a member of staff know.


New Staff & Staff Changes


There are a few staff changes to announce. Firstly, I am stepping back from my duties as Head Wizard. I have come to fully realize, and must admit, that I have not fully done everything I could to help this game. In truth, I wanted this game to be the best it could be, and I have come to realize I have not done right by this goal. As such, I am stepping back from the Head Wizard position and fully moving into the role of Head Builder & Coder.

From this moment on, Alias will be taking over the role of Head Wizard. It is my hope that with him taking the reigns that we can all come to experience what we all want from this game: Roleplay and Fun. I hope that we can all move forward and grow the game into what not only it can be but what it should be. Working together, I hope that we can all experience these things and that we can truly have fun. In truth, and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way, the game hasn’t been fun for a long time now. Let’s work together to change that.

Finally, I would like to welcome a new staff member: Leia. Leia will be working with both staff and players to design and play out new tinyplots. As such, she will quickly become one of our most seen staff members, as she works to help players have fun and roleplay more and more. Please join me in welcoming her to the team and helping her work together with all of us.

Thank you all,

Server Updates – Next Week

Hey all,

Next week the server will be rebooted for maintenance. I am planning this for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. The downtime should be around 30 minutes through one hour, but may last a little longer. This will include the NewHopeMUSH game, bot, and website.

On another note, the game and website was also updated yesterday. No downtime was required for that.

Thank you,

Planned Server Upgrades

Hello all,

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Sorry for that. I’ve been enjoying life and have been, unfortunately, dragged away from the computer lately (real life commitments, etc). As such, I haven’t been able to work on the game as much as I would like. With this said, I will be working on the game again.

In any case, there are some server upgrades that will need to be done. I am scheduling the upgrades for tomorrow. The expected downtime will be between one hour, and an hour and a half, with a 30 minute cushion thrown in for the just-in-case aspects of upgrading.

If anyone needs to reach me during that time, I will be on the IRC server at irc.codealife.com #NewHopeMUSH and can be contacted there. Again, the maximum expected downtime tomorrow is two hours, but the actual upgrade should take less time than that. This downtime will affect both the game and the website.


Happy April Fools Day!

This April Fools, I have nothing to say or to mention. I am not trying to fool anyone, nor am I trying to do anything to trick you or anyone else. In fact, I promise that I am not trying to trick you. I guarantee it. You can sit back and relax, because this April Fools Day, I will do no tricks, no treats, and no surprises. Enjoy.

Happy April Fools Day, 2015,

Security Changes

Over the past few days, I have made some security changes revolving around the site, and the ways security is handled in general. This process is to make the site more secure and more able to handle things in the long run. Furthermore, the website is now cached using a much more streamlined option, resulting in a faster website display for the users.

There were also some changes in how the website, server, and database rotate changes and backups. This process is now more robust and handled more fluidly, with multiple options when both the website and the game is backed up.

Thank you,

Server Reboot

Due to a reported security issue, I rebooted the server a few minutes ago. Everything is up and running now. Total downtime was about 5-7 minutes. Everything is up and running now.


Webserver Upgrades

I was in contact with the Bynars about upgrading the computer core, and they suggested switching from Apache to Nginx. So, yesterday morning I switched the NewHopeMUSH webserver to Nginx. So far, the website appears to be much faster and much better than before.

Furthermore, the NewHopeMUSH website now has a CDN (Content Distribution/Delivery Network). This is to increase the page responses from the server to your computer. This makes the website much faster, and provide the results to you much faster.

Finally, NewHopeMUSH now has a Twitter account, @NewHopeMUSH. I also added the Game Maps under the Game tab in the above links.

Thank you,


The server has just been upgraded.

Total amount of downtime: <20 minutes. Total amount of manual restart: <20 minutes. Total amount of time: <40 minutes. The server should now be running faster. If you do encounter any issues though, please alert us and let us know. Happy MUSH'ing, Jeffrey. 🙂

Scheduled Reboot

Hey all,

There will be a scheduled server upgrade on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015. The downtime will be anywhere from one hour to two hours. Hopefully it will be a little less than two hours, but two hours should be the maximum amount of time. This downtime is required in order to make upgrades to the server that NewHopeMUSH is ran on. During this downtime, all access to the webserver, the game itself, and everything in between will be denied and everything will be inaccessible.

Once the the automated upgrade is complete, I will then have to restart all the services (webserver, the game, the webclients, etc) and that will take about 5-10 minutes depending on any issues. If all goes well, as I said before, the process will take around 1-2 hours. Should you need to contact me, during the process, you will find me on the IRC server:

irc.codealife.com 6667

Thank you,