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Server Downtime

Hello all,

There was approximately seven hours of downtime today. This was due to an issue affecting the physical host that NewHopeMUSH resides on. Due to this, our provider had to take the server offline while they resolved the issues. This was beyond the scope of our ability to control and, unfortunately, due to security concerns, no prior warning was issued.

We understand that it is helpful to know when these things will occur but, unfortunately, we were unable to provide any notice due to the emergency maintenance.

As such, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to join us on our Discord at https://discord.gg/zhcCMFd

Kimojuno (Jeff).

Update Staff Post Listing



Welcome back!

We have a load of changes for you, the reader! For the potential player, staff member, and potential involved.

The Captain of Starbase 900 would like to step down. Meaning, we need a new Captain!

The Chief Engineer wishes to transfer to another starbase, so we need some one to step up!

The Chief Science Officer wants to change departments. Meaning we need a new experimenter in the lab!

Think you got what it takes? Think you know the position? Think you can handle it? Apply here:

IC Senior Staff Application

We also have a number of Staff positions open!

Are you a Reddit power user? How about Facebook? Got Discord power? Know Wikia?

We could use a helping hand with all of these platforms.

Know where to advertise for the game, where to find all the good RP’ers? We could use a recruiter!

Are you good at writing? Think you got mad pen skills? We want to challenge you!

Open staff positions: Builder&Coder, two Writers, Moderator Team, Social Media Administration / Moderation, and Game Recruiters. If you’re serious about it, join us in discord, and talk with us about how and why you should be made a team member today!

You can apply here:

OOC Staff Application

What  is expected of staff?

A single person may out for several roles at once. Don’t hesitate to admit you can’t handle something. I’d rather you decide to step down from a position you don’t favor then find out you’ve been struggling for some time. Like a single person may take charge of all of the social media, but decides Facebook is too much work in conjunction with Reddit and Twitter, but prefers Facebook, can let go of Twitter and Reddit.

I’d like a semi-formal division between Builder & Coder vs Rules & Mod teams. If only to keep the builders building, and the modders modding. Both Builder Team, and Moderator Team can have as many people as they wish. Moderation team should be kept to a respectable ratio to player base (Once up and running, and open for public play)

Writers keep players engaged. Idea on having three writers, (From **my** point of view.) is to have two main writers, and a tie break should there be a disagreement on something. How story flow should be, I’ll leave to writers… I can’t manage to write my own story in some decent flow style.

Recuiters I’d like to see a new ad or post on a weekly basis, maybe, depending on volume of places that can be advertised on. Active seeking of players would be the job.
Expectations of all* staff:

  • Respect towards other staff.
  • Respect to players.
  • A minimal weekly contribution to the community. IE:
    • Posts to social media
    • continuation of story
    • a newly built room | corrected code
    • new recruit ad.
    • Something!
  • To follow the same rules as non-staff.

Cardassian Union

The Cardassian Union has spoken with the three powers of the Alpha Quadrant and have managed to gain permission to join them on the station.

Things won’t be easy for members of the Union, as they attempt to once more take their proper position at the top of the food chain.

New Staff Member

Hey all,

Exciting news, we have a new staff member that will help us with building & coding! He has 20+ years of experience with coding and running MUSH games. Please welcome Fantom to the team!


Server Maintenance Completed

Hey all,

The scheduled maintenance from our host server is completed. This maintenance was required due to security concerns. As of 5:00AM Eastern Time, the server, game, and clients were back online. Everything should be up and running. If there are any issues, please let myself or a member of staff know.


Upcoming Server Upgrades

Hey all,

Our host server is upgrading the server due to discovered security issues possibly affecting the host machine. The server will be taken offline at 7:00AM UTC on January 19th, 2018. The downtime is expected to last no more then two hours. If we are needed for any reason, you can find us on Discord. The link for the Discord is https://discordapp.com/invite/zhcCMFd

I apologize for the short notice but these security concerns make it important for our host server to take these steps to ensure the security of our individual server and the data it holds. As always, I thank you for your patience and understanding.


New Staff Member

Hello all,

We have a new staff member! Please welcome Doctor to the team! He will be helping to building space objects and work on ASpace and helping us create new ships, space objects, etc!


Hiring Staff

Hey all,

I’m looking for more staff on NewHopeMUSH. Specifically, we need coders and builders. I am also looking for people to help create and run TPs, which would be a huge help as having someone focused on TPs would be a huge relief for me and other staff.

If any of this is something that interests you, you can apply at https://www.newhopemush.com/ooc-staff-application/


Poll Results

Hello all,

The poll resulted in the players leaning to allowing sexual roleplay in private areas. As such, the MUSH rules have been adjusted to allow such.

NewHopeMUSH is a game for anyone over the age of eighteen (18) years of age. If it is discovered that a player is not over the agre of eighteen (18), that player will be banned immediately. The reason for this is that sexual roleplay is allowed in private areas of the MUSH. Sexual roleplay can only occur in private settings and nowhere in public areas. Should sexual roleplay be engaged in public areas, appropriate steps will be taken. This could range from IC issues, for example a character being written up, demoted, etc, to OOC sanctions should it be determined as needed. Please note, however, that when we say ‘sexual’ we don’t mean kissing or other such Public Displays of Affection. We are talking about engaging in sexual acts.

It should also be noted that, although we now have a place to post logs (the wiki), this will only be logs that were recorded in public areas (e.g. non-sexual logs). This is two-fold: Logging a private roleplay without permission isn’t proper and, further, sexual roleplay is only allowed in private areas.

Moving on, I have also spoken with players on Discord and we have come with the following Starfleet regulations;

0) Before initiating in an intimate relationship with a member of unknown or non-federation alien species or its allies, a crewmember must get clearance from both their CO and the CMO.

1) Although any member of Starfleet may date one another, any and all interactions must remain professional while on duty.

2) No personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, may interfere or affect decisions made involving their position and/or duties (e.g. affecting or changing the duty roster, rotation, or otherwise interfering with the day-to-day operations of their post).

Thank you,

Voting Required

Hello all,

As of right now, the poll is currently leaning toward allowing sexual roleplay in private areas of the MUSH. If you have not voted, please do so so that the Alias and myself can get an idea on what people think.

Please note that, should the final response be yes, then we would need to make sure all players are 18 or older. If someone currently playing is not 18 or older, and the vote passes, then that player would not be able to continue playing.

If you would like to discuss this further, please @mail me on this accou nt or on my Tinyplots (Kimo-) account. You can also contact any staff member on either the MUSH or our Discord.

Thank you,